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As a makeup artist my goal was always to give the illusion of beautiful, healthy looking skin. Actual healthy skin is a reflection of our genetics, diet, lifestyle, and skincare products. I am dedicated to helping you discover your best skin through regular facial treatments here in the salon and at home. You will receive personal, individualized treatment and advice on how to improve your habits for glowing skin without makeup.  I use quality, gentle, botanically-based products, free from parabens and sulfates, designed for all skin types and ethnicities.

My main product line is an amazing company called Sonage based out of Woodland Hills CA. You can read more about their products here.  

Not sure where to start? I would recommend a Beauty Basic Facial for your first visit. All facials include a consultation and skin ‍‍‍analysis where we can discuss future treatments.‍‍‍‍‍‍

The Beauty Basic Facial  $90/60 min

This is a customized facial to address basic skin care needs. Recommended monthly, your skin will look healthy, clean and supple. This 60 minute service includes:deep cleanse/tone, gentle exfoliation, customized treatment, mask, extractions, face/hand/neck/shoulder massage and finishing products.

Microcurrent/LED Facial $75/30 min.

Add on to Beauty Basic Facial for $40/20 min.

Also known as "The Lunchtime Facelift", microcurrent  firms, tones, and lifts the facial contours giving you a younger looking appearance. A painless low level electrical impulse stimulates muscles, improves circulation, increases cell regeneration, collagen production, and assists in product penetration.

LED therapy is a skincare treatment that addresses acne and aging issues. Waves of red, blue, yellow, or pink UV-free light penetrate deep into the skin to increase collagen production, treat fine lines and wrinkles, promote deep healing, lighten hyperpigmentation and decrease bacteria.

Includes:cleanse/tone, light exfoliation, microcurrent/LED treatment, and finishing products.

A series of 6 treatments is recommended for best results, but you will be amazed after just one!

  • Get $10 off each treatment when you buy a package of 3/$195 or $20 off each treatment with a package of 6/$330​

***Not recommended for anyone with pace-makers, epilepsy, or pregnant women.

The All Business Facial  $55/30 min.

Short on time? This facial is all business. This 30 minute service includes:cleanse/tone, light exfoliation, extractions, mask, neck/shoulder massage and‍‍‍ finishing products.

*No face or hand massage.

‍‍‍**A glycolic or enzyme treatment may be substituted for extractions.

The Deep Pore Cleanse  $130/90 min.

Perfect for treating acne, oily, or congested skin. This 90 minute fa‍‍‍cial uses light exfoliation and special enzymes to digest dead skin cells and soften sebum.  Steam and extractions help clear pores, while LED blue light therapy is used to kill bacteria beneath the skin. A sulfur clay mask calms and soothes inflamed skin. This treatment also includes face/neck/hand and shoulder massage and finishing products.

*No facial massage on skin with inflamed acne.

The Glam Glow Facial $125/60 min

Party time! This is the perfect facial before a big event, red carpet, or date night. Products and treatments are chosen to give you smooth, firm, glowing, rej‍‍‍uvenated skin with no redness or downtime. Includes:cleanse/tone, gentle exfoliation, hydrating mask, microcurrent/LED therapy with a hyaluronic acid infusion, facial/hand/shoulder/neck massage, and finishing products.

The Sensitive Skin/Rosacea Facial $75/45 min.

Designed to treat skin that is red, inflamed, irritated and sensitive. Products are chosen to reduce blotchiness, promote tissue repair, build immunity, and calm skin. Includes:cleanse/tone, non-abrasive exfoliation, gentle peel, soothing mask, hand/shoulder/neck massage, and finishing products.

*No extractions, steam, or facial massage as this can aggravate irritated skin.

The Beautiful Back Facial  $75/45 min.

LED blue light therapy can be added for additional anti-bacterial treatment. $40/20 min.

Bacne?This treatment helps to treat acne and congested skin on the back.  Includes:cleanse/tone, gentle exfoliation, enzyme treatment, extrac‍‍‍tions, sulfur calming mask, hand/arm massage, and finishing products.