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Currently not taking lash appointments


Full Set Classic  $150 | 2.5hrs

Full Set Pre-Made Volume $185 | 2.5hrs

Full Set Hybrid $175 | 2.5hrs

Classic Fills     $50 | 60min.

                    $70 | 90min.

                    $15 | each additional 15min

Pre-Made Volume Fill $85 | 60-90min.

Hybrid Fill $75 | 60min.

Lash Removal $25 | 20-30min.

All full sets include a consultation


Returning clients, within 60 days of their last appointment, get 25% off their full set.


NO OUTSIDE FILLS - If you have extensions from another artist, a free removal and full set would be required.

Clients must pay a 50% deposit or leave a card on file before the appointment is considered confirmed. 

"No shows" or cancellations with less than 2 hours notice may be subject to a fee of 50% of the service.

How should I come to the eye lash appointment?

Please come with CLEAN lashes, no mascara or makeup around the lashes, and don't curl them! Please avoid heavy lotions or creams around the lash line the morning of your appointment. 

I would also recommend to avoid drinking too many fluids or caffeine before your appointment since you will be lying down and still for a length of time.

What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions?

Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions are when one synthetic lash extension is applied with a medical grade adhesive to one natural lash. This is also called Classic lashes. Volume lashes are when a hand made fan of 3-4 (or more) lash extensions are applied to one natural lash. These extensions are very fine in weight, they give fullness and volume without overloading the lash. The important thing to note is that eyelash extensions, when done properly, do NOT touch the skin. When your natural lash sheds, the extension falls off with the natural lash.

How long do the extensions last?

Typically they should last from 4-8 weeks, but each individual is different. Your lifestyle, eyelash characteristics and how you care for them will determine how extensions will look and how long you can go between fill appointments. Certain medications can also affect retention.

A natural lash has a lifespan (on average) of 60-75 days. Not all of your natural lashes will be at the same stage of lash growth at the same time, so its normal to lose 1-3 lashes per day (some days you won’t lose any, and some days you may lose up to 5. This would happen regardless of wearing eyelash extensions or not.

How often should I get them filled?

For the fullest look I would recommend a fill every 2-3 weeks. Depending on your lash cycle, some people can wait 3-4 weeks between appointments. After 4 weeks, or when less than 50% of lash extensions are left, a "full set" appointment would be required. Clients who have waited longer than 4 weeks for a fill, but return within 60 days, can book a "Full Set-Returning Client" at a 25% discount.

How long should I schedule a fill for?

My recommendation would be to schedule a fill for 60 minutes every 2-3 weeks, or a 90 minute session every 3-4 weeks. However, you can decide the time and price commitment that suits you. I've arranged the fills by time, instead of week. That way if you need a little gap filled before an event, you can book a 30 minute quickie session; or if you want the fullest look possible at 3 weeks, you can schedule 90 minutes.

What can I expect at my first lash appointment?

At your first lash appointment expect to be lying down and still with your eyes closed for approximately 2 hours. A consultation time is included in the booking to discuss styling options.  Most people find this enjoyable and usually fall asleep. I prefer to work in quiet with minimal talking, but will have soft music playing and you are welcome to bring your own music or podcast. I try to make the experience comfortable and relaxing but if you need to get up and move around at any point (with your eyes closed) just let me know.

Once you are lying down, I will place gel eye pads and tape on your bottom lashes to keep them out of the way while I work and to protect your eyes. The procedure is painless and you will be quite amazed to wake up from your nap with long, luscious lashes!

How do I care for them?

Try to avoid getting lashes wet for the first 8hrs after application to allow the bond to set. It is recommended to wait at least 24hrs before swimming or saunas..   


  • pull, twist, rub, or pick at extensions. 

  • use eye makeup remover with alcohol listed near the top of the ingredients. The adhesive I use will react with alcohol and degrade.

  • use waterproof eye makeup (eyeliner/mascara/concealer)- they are very stubborn to remove and can damage extensions.

  • use eyelash curlers!!!  These will damage and crimp the extensions.

  • sleep on your stomach or face. This will break your lashes.

  • use heat near the extensions (such as a blowdryer or hot oven) as this can singe and straighten the lashes.


  • sleep on your back or side. If this is difficult, purchase a sleep mask to protect lashes.

  • be gentle and comb out lashes every day with lash brush to avoid tangles.

  • wash eyes EVERY DAY with a gentle eye wash solution to remove oil, makeup, dust and debris. This will help you avoid eye infections as well as remove natural oils in the skin that can weaken the bond.

  • rinse lashes with fresh water after swimming in a pool or the ocean. 

Do I need to "take a break" from lash extensions at any point?

No. As long as the length and weight of the extension is appropriate for your lashes, there is no need to "take a break" from lash extensions. Damage to the natural lash happens when the extension is too long, too heavy, or during aftercare (sleeping on stomach, pulling, twisting or rubbing eyes/lashes etc). I would never risk the health of your natural lashes by putting on extensions that weren't suitable. Aim for a natural look or try YY or pre-made volume lashes for more fullness. At the beginning of each appointment I spend a little time checking your lashes for new growth, and in some situations I will scale back if I think its appropriate. You can, however, use a lash growth serum which will help strengthen and condition your natural lashes. 

Can I wear eye makeup with extensions?

Yes, just avoid products that are waterproof on the lashes and around the eye area, Waterproof products are hard to remove and can loosen the bond causing the extensions to fall off. I recommend powder or liquid eyeliners as opposed to pencil eyeliner which is waxy, oil-based and requires more "tugging" around the lash line. In general just use caution and be gentle when removing makeup around the eyes.

Using mascara on the extensions may affect your retention. 

What kind of lashes do you use?

I stock the highest quality lashes and adhesive from SugarlashPro and Eyelash Excellence; both leaders in the Lash Community. The lashes are soft and flexible, with a rich black hue, made from sterilized PBT material known for its consistent curl and elegant taper.  

Lashes come in a variety of types and curls:

  • Mink Lashes have a semi-matte finish, and have a deep taper for the ultimate in softness. Ideal for: Soft, realistic lash looks. 

  • Silk Lashes have a semi-gloss finish, and a shallow taper for a dramatic mascara type look. Ideal for: Bold lash looks.

  • Flat Lashes are flattened at the base which gives a full, dramatic look with less weight. Ideal for: Thick, dramatic lashes.

  • YY lashes are thick at the base and consist of 4 lightweight lashes per natural lash. Gives a dense but fluttery look. 

During your initial consultation we can discuss which lash and curl will suit you best.

Is your adhesive formaldehyde free?

Formaldehyde is NOT contained in Cyanoacrylate (the main ingredient in lash adhesive). It is a dry gas so it cannot be added as an ingredient. Formaldehyde can however be released by lash adhesive as a by-product of product breakdown - but it would need to be MONTHS of breakdown on the natural lashes to cause any effect. To be safe, I use a fresh bottle of adhesive every 6-8 weeks.

Formaldehyde is a dry gas. It has never ever been a cosmetic ingredient. It is a 100% naturally occurring substance. In fact we exhale formaldehyde. It is contained in organically grown food. Our bodies make formaldehyde and it is used to create proteins and other substances in our bodies.

What happens if I get an allergy or eye infection?

If you think you might have an allergy (red, swollen, itchy eyes) text me right away! A very small percentage of people have, or can develop, an allergy to the fumes of the adhesive.  In this case, we might have to schedule a removal (free of charge) and your eye doctor can prescribe an ointment. Most of the time these symptoms are caused by seasonal allergies and the irritation may go away by taking an antihistamine and a cold compress to the eyes. If you are experiencing early symptoms (which can happen in only one eye) we can also try washing the lashes with cool distillled water and lash cleanser after each fill appointment to reduce any irritation from the fumes.   

Eyelash extensions don't cause bacterial infections, but improper home care does!

Proper cleaning of lashes is essential in preventing eye conditions (Blepharitis) that can happen when bacteria or pH levels are out of balance. Lash extension wearers are more likely to develop eye infections if they don’t wash their lash extensions properly. This is because of the added surface area that bacteria and debris can get caught on. I sell an excellent, ophthalmologist tested lash cleanser that not only easily removes eye makeup, but has been used on clients suffering from blepharitis with amazing results.

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